Friday, October 17, 2003

Hey Hollywood! Isn't it about time you had some entertainment?

For too many people in this town (Los Angeles), their lives are their work. And recent studies show that upwards of 85% of people in Los Angeles work in the coal mines. Well, grab a wet nap, wipe away the grime, and practice laughing - it's comedy time!

Tonight, at 10pm at the Improv Olympic West, the B-Team will be performing a fantastic sketch comedy show! Hailed by both the LA Times and Backstage West, this show is sure to please if you're the type that's pleased easily!

Most importantly, a big fat industry fatcat fancypants from the Aspen Comedy Festival will be there, judging our every move with his beady little eyes. So the more people we have in the audience laughing, the better we can pull the wool over his eyes.

So come on, Hollywood! Put down your Miner's Helmets and put on your party hats! It's B-Team Time!

The B-Team
Fridays in October at 10pm
Improv Olympic West at 6636 Hollywood Blvd

posted by opus  at 11:58 AM


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