Monday, October 20, 2003

I belong to a website called, which had a great deal going. Ten bucks a month, unlimited mp3 downloads. Their catalog was limited, but it was mostly indie fare - Matador, Spin Art, Kindercore. Plus good old stuff like Willie Nelson, Django Reinhart, The Carter Family, Louis Armstrong. A worthy way to spend my hard earned cash.

That is, up until about a week ago. They announced that the unlimited download deal is over, that they're going to limit people to 40 downloads a month. Which for ten bucks sounds like a good deal, but part of the joy was just downloading random music to see if you'd enjoy it. You don't have that freedom under the new plan.

So... in the past week I've been fervently downloading any music I think I may have some chance of being interested in any time in the future. I'm gonna get my ten bucks worth this month, and then cancel. Any suggestions of obscure indie bands or old classics I need to check out?

posted by opus  at 11:20 PM


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