Thursday, October 23, 2003

Laffy News

GM is changing the name of its Buick Lacrosse since it found out that the name in Canada is slang for masturbation. It's the most embarassing name since the Kia Incestia.

A group of 13 old school boys were caught taking Viagra on a dare at school. The school decided against the usual punishment of spanking when the boys started begging for it.

A student at Ball State shaved her head to convince people she had cancer to try to get money from them. Her latest venture: to get "being a complete prick" officially recognized as a disability.

A 93 year old barber set a record for 81 years of haricutting. Asked for a quote on his historic accomplishment, he simply chuckled to himself and said softly, "Oh, God, I've wasted my entire life."

The latest craze to hit Germany is "Porno Kareoke." I told my ex-girlfriends all about this trend to fake orgasms in front of strangers and they all said the same thing... "What's an orgasm?"

A swedish man was arrested trying to smuggle snakes into Australia in his pants. The man gave himself away when a Boa decided to get romantic with his other trouser snake.

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