Sunday, October 19, 2003

Sometimes I chide myself for not going out more often, to parties and get togethers. Then I go to a party or a get together and find myself with a bunch of people I have nothing in common with and I'm bored out of my skull. Such as tonight, when the highlight of the evening came when I finally got a chance to sit in the barber's chair that my friend had on his porch.

I perhaps am feeling a bit moribund because I found out I am probably going to be passed over for a writing gig that I was hoping for. Not because I liked the show - it's a cruddy show. But I could have used the money and I would like to keep some sort of momentum in my career. I'll just count myself lucky not to be a crewmember on a sinking ship, I suppose.

Themes of being ostracized today, eh? Tomorrow will be better. Tomorrow is The Lord's Day, and He promised me a sammich.


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