Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Yahoo! News - 'Price Is Right' Announcer Rod Roddy Dies

Rod Roddy has passed away. This makes me particularly sad because, however briefly, I knew the man.

When I was working at Kilborn, my job was to answer phones, but I appeared in the occasional on-air sketch as well. Once, I answered a phone and it was Rod Roddy, the unmistakable announcer from The Price Is Right. What's more, he watched Kilborn a lot, and knew who I was, and engaged me in a 5 minute conversation.

Rod Roddy is probably remembered to my generation as the guy you saw on television on those rare days you got to stay home sick from school. He only appeared on those most cherished of days, cuddled in a blanket on the couch with saltines and water. He probably comforted more sick children than Mother Theresa.

So to be talking to him on the phone was a mind-blowing experience. Later, we appeared in a sketch together. I got to try on his sparkly jacket and he shouted "Come On Down!". Even after I was done appearing on air, Rod would often come and visit me, hanging out in the Green Room of Kilborn and talking about things. And I still got that odd mix of awe and comfort whenever he came around.

Rod knew, above all else, that in many people's eyes he was a one-note character, a bit of a punchline. He knew how his paycheck got signed. But he was also a genuinely sweet guy, who was willing to while away a half hour with a starry-eyed kid who remembers watching Rod Roddy on the TV so long ago. He will be missed.


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