Thursday, November 06, 2003

Feeling furiously icky today. A nose sniffle kept me tossing and turning all night last night. I always wake up 2 minutes before my alarm clock goes off. In my college days, I was so restless I could count on waking up in time for anything, and never had to set my alarm at all. Insomnia is good for something. Those were the days.

Anyways, today I'm sore and cranky. But when you're working at a place that helps kids with cancer and HIV and serious, life-threatening dieases, you can't really complain about a sniffle. Once I told a kid I ate a bad burger. She told me for the past few years all of her food came from a tube in her tummy. That shut me up.

Any home-made, sure-fire, mom-approved cures for the cold out there?

posted by opus  at 12:34 PM


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