Tuesday, November 18, 2003

I heard today on the radio that there will be 14,000 police deployed in London to help stem the tide of protestors. fourteen Thousand ... and those are just the cops. Or, as they say, "Bobbies.". Of course, the US has shut down huge parts of London for "safety reasons" meaning that the protestors may never get near Bush himself. Lord knows, Bush and Blair wouldn't want to be troubled by hearing the will of the people or any such bothersome nonsense.

I have also heard that Blair agreed to give his support for the Iraq war because Bush agreed to help him push a Palestinian State. And now Bush has pretty much screwed Peace in the Middle East up (and how? He had a roadmap, after all) so I'd be interested to hear if Blair can get past that infamous British politeness and really chew Bush out. After all, Blair's political career is pretty much over thanks to Bush. He can't be too happy.

Oh, crap... have I become one of those jerks who espouses his own narrow political viewpoint on his blog and expects everybody to care? Damn... I'm sorry. Here, have a catalog of funny comic strip exclamations like "oomph!" and "Aarrrgh!' and forget I ever said anything.

In particular, forget I ever said "ooomph!" and "Aarrrgh!"


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