Monday, November 17, 2003

Rise of the Machines

It's a rough day to be somebody with a clue. The one-two punch of dunderheads in positions of power has left me dizzy. Today Rush Limbaugh returns from drug rehab to take back his radio show, and apparently, he's as much of a jerk as ever. And of course, Ah-nahld is taking over the state of California.

The Rush thing so drips with hipocrasy, it's so soaked in its own self-delusion, that it's almost hard to even make fun of it. I mean, this is a guy who kept calling for tough penalties on people who abused drugs. And now, of course, that he's the one who's in the hot seat... it's all different. In my experience, conservatives mock liberals for being "bleeding hearts," but then turn around and expect compassion when it happens to one of their own. Look at Jeb Bush's daughter down in Florida, for example.

And Arnold. Poor poor California. I honestly can't understand how he got into office. I understand people were fed up with Davis, fine. But that doesn't mean you take any schmoe who comes down the pike. In my mind, I kept lumping Arnold with Gary Coleman, both of them actors who were making a jokey little play at office. I couldn't see how either were that different - neither had any experience, neither have been particularly successfull at acting lately, neither had any real right to be in office. One of them is. If any of you voted for Arnold, please, explain to me why. I honestly can't comprehend it. I promise not to be condescending, just explain exactly what it was that made you punch his chad.

I'd like to give him a congratulatory grope.


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