Thursday, November 13, 2003

Sickly Ickly

Well, friends, Opus isn't doing so well. I'm sick. Yesterday was the worst - laying in bed, with a headache too horrible to sleep, but also too horrible to open one's eyes and focus on, say, a book. No, instead, you have to just lie there and pretty much just think about how much it sucks that you're in pain.

Why not try some headache medicine, you ask? Well I did. And then the headache started growing ooky tenticles, which reached deep into my body and started throttling my tummy until I was forced to puke up my stomach contents. The best part was, while puking loudly, I heard my roommate rewind the movie he was watching because he missed hearing something. Sorry my incessant ralphing was too loud for you!

Today I'm slightly better. Thanks for asking. I'll try not to vomit into this web page.


posted by opus  at 12:56 PM


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