Monday, November 03, 2003

Well, over the weekend there was one of the most horrible attacks on US troops in Iraq, underscoring our aimless strategy there and the lives Bush's folly is taking. What can make it all better?

An Adorable Puppy!

On Saturday, my roommate found an adorable puppy running in traffic and so she took it in. We're technically not allowed to have pets in our apartment, but when you see the Adorable Puppy shivering from the cold in the arms of your roommate, technicalities do not apply.

There is something about puppies, and little animals in general. Evolution has made them adorable. This is so we do not kill and eat them. I would think making them tough and stringy would be enough, but evolution knows a lot more than I do. Evolution has more experience in these matters.

For a few hours this weekend, troubles melted away as the Adorable Puppy (who I called "Stupid Puppy" so as to not get too attached) romped and played and bit my stockinged feet. We need to send some adorable puppies to foreign leaders. I think it would solve a lot.

The Adorable Puppy now lives with a neighbor who is allowed to have dogs, and we're back to our mudane puppy-less existance. Which is good because, cute or not, I was getting hungry and that box of Puppy Helper was just sitting on the shelf...

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