Monday, December 15, 2003

Math Problem

During his press conference this morning, a reporter asked how Bush planned to handle the record deficit he was racking up for our country (I need not point out, of course, that when entering office Bush was facing a record surplus of money). Bush's reply was circuitous at best. He tried to justify his massive spending, saying we were in a time of war (which, I might grant him, if the war was just) and that he had to use spending measures to help the economy which was in a recession (wait.. did he just admit he drove us into a recession?)

But the best was when he said that he had to lower taxes in order to stimulate the economy in order to gain money in taxes to relieve the debt. Yes, that's right: Paying less taxes means paying more taxes.

Wow, that's the same sort of thinking that makes a loser of a presidential election a winner.


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