Friday, December 12, 2003

My Latest Brilliant Scheme

Friendster is fun, but now that I've got 100+ people on my friendster list, slogging through trying to meet new friends can be a pain. I'm connected to over 800,000 people, after all. I need a way to narrow it down.

So here is my new brilliant idea. It would be a web site like Friendster, but instead of just using Friends as methods of connectivity, it would use everything. All of your attributes. Where you live, your hobbies, your favorite music. It would jumble those all up and spit out people most like yourself. Using some algorythm or something.

You could also set it to make sure it only found, say, 20something females in Miluakee who like Herb Albert & the Tijuana Brass. But mostly the matching would be done behind the scenes, so you'd click on a button and it would factor in all of your degrees of connectivity and give you a response.

So... venture capitalists... wanna give me a couple million to develop this puppy?


posted by opus  at 1:06 PM


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