Monday, December 29, 2003

Super-Genius Art or Super-Sappy Listener?

A reminder before I begin: I have been, in the past few weeks, on a whirlwind tour that's taken me across nine time zones, two seperate christmas mornings, planes, trains, busses and boats, and gladhanding opportunities to catch up with relatives whose names I barely remember. In short, I'm tired. Damn tired.

But nevertheless, I put on the Flaming Lips "Yoshimi Vs. The Pink Robots" DVD that I got as part of our annual swapping of commercial goods. This is an album I've listened to hundreds of time, the only difference this time was the 5.1 surround sound, the video element, and the aforementioned exhaustion.

But when "Do You Realize?" came on, and I was singing along gamely from the floor of my father's living room, tears welled in my eyes. I choked them back down, and it happened again. Surrounded by music, spending days and hours with people I loved, it got a little too much to handle. I barely made it through the end of the song.

So, I could be a wuss. Okay, no question, I am. But it's also a damn good song, and I'm realizing in little ways, I lead a damn lucky life.

Happy new years to my friends and family. I love you all lots.


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