Sunday, January 11, 2004

Best Instant Message Spam Ever

I got this instant message today:

hi my name is Elizabeth. I have no face, died in a fire 3 years ago. The person who writting this is possesed. Im sorry but if you don't send this to 10 people I will come in your room tonight and stare at you, will look like a three year old girl with red hair. I will do this every night. You have 7 minutes.

So, just a warning, if you come over my house, expect to see a little girl with no face and red hair staring at me. Apparently, she won't do anything, just stare. I may use her as a coatrack. Or I could teach her some secret signals to help me cheat at poker. Or she could teach me how she got so good at typing at only three years old, and I could teach her some basic rules of grammar.

Oh, Elizabeth the no-faced three year old read-headed ghost child, we're going to be best friends!


posted by opus  at 6:11 PM


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