Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Instant Message Funtime
Starring hr1highlander

hr1highlander : ur a fag, but u gat a tite website name.
hr1highlander :elmo nose where u live
Opusmo: elmo nose?
Opusmo: What an intruiging name!
Opusmo: Thank you. I shall treasure it.
hr1highlander :fag
Opusmo: Wow, you really have that on the brain, don't you?
hr1highlander : why is ur site named yomomma?
Opusmo: why are you named hr1highlander?
hr1highlander : when did you make it?
Opusmo: 1996, I think
hr1highlander : cause yomomma
Opusmo: you're going to have to start speaking in complete sentence if you want me to understand you.
hr1highlander : oh i see u to smart for huh?
Opusmo: see, that's one of those sentence that makes no sense.
hr1highlander : oh no end of world
hr1highlander : or does it make perfect sense
Opusmo: Wait, I know... you keep dropping words like "the" and "an"... are you Tarzan? You are, aren't you?
Opusmo: Me like you, tarzan!
hr1highlander : no me jane
hr1highlander : fag
Opusmo: Oh. Howdy jane.
Opusmo: You keep talking about fags a lot. Let me guess, you dream about them a lot, too?
hr1highlander : liking guys now are we????
Opusmo: It's okay, I'm not judging you.
Opusmo: Live your life how you want.
Opusmo: But seriously, you're going to have to stop hitting on me.
hr1highlander : no you misunderstand me
hr1highlander : you
Opusmo: Oh, it's okay. A lot of people live in the closet.
hr1highlander : are
hr1highlander : gay
Opusmo: Freud called that "projecting"
Opusmo: Seeing in others what you are tyring not to see in yourself.
hr1highlander : you have imaginary freinds to??
hr1highlander : whos Frued?
Opusmo: No, Sigmund Freud was actually a real person. Try cracking a book, tiger, it'll do you a world of good.
hr1highlander : you fruit
Opusmo: Founder of modern pyschology.
Opusmo: See, you're always talking about homosexuality. It's a recurring theme with you.
hr1highlander : let me guess you are one of those book worms that have no life
Opusmo: Nope. Guess again, though!
Opusmo: I actually am a nice, well-adjusted person who doesn't find strangers on the internet to insult.
hr1highlander : they stay in a book and get stuck in by to much info and their brain implodes on themselves
hr1highlander : i love book worms
Opusmo: Well, I'm glad for you.
hr1highlander : they flame my books every day if u catch my drift witch you probably don't
Opusmo: I'm nowhere near catching your drift.
Opusmo: Is this another gay thing? I keep telling you, I'm not interested in you, I'm straight.
hr1highlander : o no some ones coming i have to go i dont want to get caught talking with a fag such as ur self
Opusmo: Someday, my friend, you can come out of the closet in a tolerant world.
Opusmo: Good luck, my little gay friend.
Opusmo: Good luck.

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