Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Okay, this has gotten out of hand. I just saw an ad for President Bush on friendster paid for by the RNC.

Friendster, where hip youths show off their new hairdos and trade stories about their acid trips at Burning Man. Where the sole purpose of the site is to hook up and have premarital sex. Whose existance probaby has a lot to do with the copios free time bored 20-somethings who can't get a decent job in this economy. That friendster.

Wait a minute. Friendster is:
- Bloated
- More popular than it deserves
- Spending WAY more money than it's making
- Experiencing a massive backlash from people who once supported it.
- Accused of violations of our privacy.

Hmm... maybe it IS a lot like Bush!


posted by opus  at 12:42 PM


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