Monday, January 26, 2004

Shindig Shindug

Well last night was my First Annual Super Re-gifting Party BBQ and Funtime Celebration USA. I hadn't had a party in a while, becuase my apartment setup doesn't really allow for late night bashes. Any party in my apartment becomes an audio party in every accompanying apartment as well. As the Beastie Boys fought and died for, your Right to Party comes with some heavy responsibilities too.

So it was a late-afternoon ho-down, with burgers on the grill and a heavy BYOB edict because I can't afford too much booze. Also was the inventive "Regifting" element to the party - bring a crappy gift you want to give away, and put it in the gift swap.

The first hour was torture. Everybody plans on coming so fashionable late that it leaves a neurotic host like me in a tizzy. After 45 minutes only 4 people had shown up, only two of which I actually knew. This is when I curled up into a fetal position and rocked gently atop the "mild" salsa dish, sure that my bash was a bust.

But soon enough, the people started pouring in like housewives at a Neil Diamond concert. People came, brought beer, ate burgers. The best part was that these people represented many different aspects of my life - some from Kilborn, some from Tom Green, some from college, some I met independant of any of that. And they all mingled nicely, and except for a brief rumble between my friends in the Bloods and the Crips, they all behaved themselves.

The Re-Gifting Swap went well. Amongst the Bad Gifts given away were:

- A candle covered in endangered bird stickers.
- Fresh Tuna
- A banana tree
- A shirt signed by David Arquette
- A pen with a built-in radio
- A DVD of "Flatliners"
- A dancing hamster that sang the Tom Jones hit "It's Not Unusual."

So thanks to all who came, and to those who didn't, you missed out. Now where are you gonna get that Dancing Hamster you always wanted, hmmm? Thought so.


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