Tuesday, February 17, 2004

The People In My Elevator Are Strange

Riding the elevator this morning, it is myself, a lanky early-20s dude, a heavyset asian man, and a woman who looks like she's definately somebody's Aunt.

Early 20s Dude: (leans over to me) You smell like skunk.
Me: (confused, not understanding it) What?
Early 20s Dude: Skunk, you smell like skunk, man.
Me: Well, I don't think it's me.
Early 20s Dude: Well somebody here does.

Early 20s Dude and Heavyset Asian Man leave the elevator at floor 3. I continue upward. I notice that Somebody's Aunt is raising her hand. I look at her.

Somebody's Aunt: It's me. I smell like skunk.
Me: Oh.

The rest of the ride continued in silence.


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