Monday, March 08, 2004

Birthday Joys, Birthday Woes

Friday was my birthday. Perhaps you noticed the hourlong celebrity-studded tributes on all three major broadcast networks. I was particularly fond of Tyne Daley's rendition of "Happy Birthdad To You" myself.

But for my nearby friends, the best way to celebrate was my birthday party. I had some people over my friend Omar's house, since his is much more spacious and lovely than mine, and more condusive to loud raucus fun times. I bought chips, and dips, and my liquor store working friend Grant provided the gift of alchohol. We were all set.

It was a great night - a little crazier than anticipated. I had invited a few friends over, and apparently, the word got out. So there were people I didn't even know there... not that I cared. I was getting hugs left and right, flirting with anything in a skirt (good thing I don't know any scotsmen), and swimming in presents. I got DVDs, candy, books, CDs, and a portrait of myself by my good friend Bekerman. I was a happy camper.

Until the party wore down, though. That's when I discovered that some nasty rascals threw water on the situation by absconding with stuff. They stole a few of Omar's DVDs and the camera I was borrowing from my little brother to document the occasion. Add it up, and I'm deep in the red for this birthday, having to repay for n'er-do-wells with sticky fingers. I don't blame my friends, I can't imagine them doing that. But friends-of-friends... i don't trust 'em.

Regardless, I had a lovely birthday, and thanks to all who sent me wishes of joy.


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