Thursday, March 18, 2004

New Job

Sorry I haven't been updating much this week, but I'm knee-deep at work on my new job. I'm writing for a new television show that will air on SpikeTV later this summer. SpikeTV is "TV For Men", and they hired me for my overwhelming machismo. I am also quite "extreme" and enjoy wrestling and skydiving and yelling things at old people. That's me.

Because we don't have our offices yet, we are currently working out of the offices of a advertising agency. It's a bit of a strange environoment - all us comedy writers being raucus as the real workers arouns us frown at their computer monitors.

Today, I had to act in a short commerical the ad agency was shooting. In the shoot, I am in the background, I am chatting up an attractive woman and she jots down her phone number and hands it to me. I take my role as unimportant background actor very seriously. I really wanted to capture the true spirit of the Guy In The Background Getting A Phone Number From An Attractive Woman. So of course, my flirting seemed real - because I'm a method actor. It's what I do.

My scene partner, however, didnt' seem so committed. This woman was so frightened of me, she told me "I'll just write down a '555' number." What an insult! Stella Adler would have never given me a 555 number! Then when it was time for her to actually write the number down, she didn't even go the 555 route. She just jotted a random scribble and handed it to me. I swear, this woman had no respect for the craft of background acting.

Duly emasculated, I had to sit down and write some more cool, macho, testosterone comedy... to the X-treme!


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