Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Strange Things Happen Whilst I Pee

The TV Show I'm writing for has moved to a new office, and it's taking some getting used to. We're also in full swing, auditioning people all day long, so at any given moment there might be a beautiful women or gangster rappers or elderly clowns sitting in our lobby. It makes me happy to be working there.

Today I was in the restroom. I pull up into the urinal and begin to do what nature intended. The man next to me was also using the urinal. Suddenly he says "My name is Baba Nagu, I will be your Sherpa!"

I stare ahead. I don't want a Sherpa. I want to pee.

Again: "My name is Baba Nagu, I will be your Sherpa"

I am worried. Can I stop the stream if this man attacks me? Once the stream gets started, it's hard to pull back, even if attacked my a crazy man who thinks he's a sherpa.

"My name is Baba Nagu. I will be your Sherpa."

I finally venture to take a look. The guy has a script in his hand (the other hand, I didn't look for). He was auditioning later and just practicing his lines whilst peeing. It was for the Stair Sherpa bit. I should have known.

I left without talking to him. Even if he wasn't crazy, yelling your lines in a bathroom with other people.. he certainly wasn't sane.

I will be your Sherpa.


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