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Saturday, May 15, 2004

Sometimes A Bit Of Unmitigated Weirdness Gets Through

In the world of television writing, I'm finding, you find victories where you can. It's a creative job, but also one of pure volume - you can't expect to write a solitary perfect gem and rest on your laurels. You've got to crank out a lot of material - the decision lies with the producers, and you're at their whims. And the sponsor's. And the network's. And a myriad of other decision makers. You may be literally defining the show, but there are plenty of people defining what you can and can't define.

I'm sure many writers will agree - you sometimes put in material that you know will never make it on air, just to amuse yourself. Or to amuse the people who read it after you. Just to look back on it and chuckle and wonder, "Wow... what if that made it onto television? How weird would that be?"

For a game segment of the show I'm writing for now, I was asked to write some quick and funny descriptions of women contestants. They were, like so much television, entirely fake - so I didn't have to base them at all in reality. I turned in a few pages of quick material and let it be.

So I was surprised and delighted yesterday at the taping when a host introduced a young lady contestant and said:

Meet Jill. Her favorite food is bubble gum.
Her favorite group is N.E.R.D.
And... she once touched a dead guy.

I now get to imagine people at home saying "Wait, hold up... touched a dead guy? What does that even mean?"

Trust me, that mental image will amuse me all weekend. Probably longer.


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