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Thursday, August 19, 2004

The Biz

Last week, I received an odd email from my friend Dan, who is a producer. It said, in part:

my old boss is doing something for nickat night and needs someone to interview jack black and possibley will a dolphin suit. So I thought of you.

I wrote back immediately and said "Of course, I'd be happy to put on a dolphin suit and interview Jack Black and Will Smith. It is what I was born to do." Dan wrote back and it seemed confirmed. Then, a short time later, I get another letter:
I was just informed that the person needs to be under 6 feet… which I’m pretty sure eliminates you unfortunately
Curse my natural height! For a brief moment, I envisioned myself in an ill-fitting dolphin suit, asking Will Smith about my favorite stanza of "Parents Just Don't Understand". But I suppose it was not to be.

Life's weird sometimes.


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