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Thursday, October 28, 2004


Well, my lack of a computer has completely hindered my latest plan. I wanted to have a special protest to show my support for Kerry and my conviction about the upcoming election. So I devised a plan - I would not shave until Kerry won the presidency. I called this plan "Facial Hair for Kerry!". The exclamation mark is manditory.

So the plan was to have a new photo of my scrawny and scraggly beard posted every day. Then my computer died. Luckily, the dream did not. I haven't shaven in nearly a week (except the neck hair, because that gets scratchy). And I will not shave until Kerry gives his acceptance speech. I am that committed. And I'm saving good money. Do you realize how much those Mach 3 razor blades are going for these days?

There are some who say that, without the power the the daily photo update would bring, I am really doing nothing but cutting a few minutes off of my morning ritual. So this weekend some friends and I are forgoing the traditional Halloween celebrations to travel to Nevada, the closest swing state, to campaign for Kerry.

So if you live in Nevada, and you see a hairy-faced young fella knocking on your door on Halloween day, it's not a kid dressed as the Wolfman, and he doesn't want candy. It's me, and I want you to vote for Kerry. Every single vote counts.

Although, seriously, if you have any extra candy, I'll take that too.


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