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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Political Discourse 

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I've gotten a lot of feedback about some of the last few posts I've made about the election. For the record, the reason I was cranky the past few weeks is not solely becuase of the election - I had two losses in my family. But I'll admit it - the election has gotten me down.

To be honest, I appreciate people talking about this - as far-left-wing as I am, I recognize that the only way things are going to get done in this country is through some sort of compromise. And I also respect those out there who are Republican, or those who have strong religious beliefs. It's America - I don't believe what you do, but it's your right to.

But here are my counter-arguments. Bush is not a good Republican. Republicans are for fiscal responsibility, strong defense, and state's rights. Bush has built up record defecits, refused to follow the 9-11 comission's reccomendations to increase security, and has uniformly sent in federal agents to deal with state issues.

And if it's religion you follow, what's religious about signing the death warrents of hundreds of men in Texas? Or sending over a thousand military men and women to their deaths for a war that had no justification? Or even worse, the 100,000 innocent Iraqis who died in that war? What's moral about that?

I honestly want to understand why the majority of this country voted for Bush. Perhaps I'm not looking at it the right way. Help me out, people...


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