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Saturday, February 05, 2005

Celebrate, for I am back! 

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Well my long nightmare of internetlessness is over. After nearly a month of my DSL being broken, somebody over at Earthlink finally pushed the "Unbreak It" button and restored me to my high-speed goodness. I hope you all missed me.

By the way, if you're looking for a way to spend a month, may I suggest waking every morning, calling tech support, being put on hold for a half an hour, and then getting somebody who tells you to call back tomorrow for a status report? Repeat this process for about thirty days. You'll either reach true enlightenment or go slowly insane. I chose the latter path - it's got better scenery.

A few things I thought of over the last month.

- If Jesus is in all of us, He is getting laid SO much. Must be why people call His name when they're humping.
- People who say "Oh, real mature!" are, themselves, not very mature.
- If I could be any kind of tree, I'd be the kind of tree that had sex.
- The only thing worse than being the guy who loses at bowling is being the guy who wins at bowling. It's not the sort of sport you really want to excell at.

With love and peanuts,


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