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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Another Surreal Morning In Hollywood 

Ducks In A Row
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Sunday morning, I woke up and heard the vague thumping of house music in the distance. Better than the accordian-straining tex-mex that sometimes gets blasted from passing cars, I mostly ignored it.

Then I walked out my door and saw, over on Santa Monica, some sort of fair. I bemoaned the fact that I was already late, because I enjoy fairs. And cotten candy.

Then I began to walk to my car. That's when I noticed there were gay men EVERYWHERE. You may ask why I assumed they were gay men. I usually am not a person for snap judgements, but when you see a team of fellas walking towards you, each wearing assless chaps and a black leather vest with no shirt, holding hands... well, if they were straight, they were extremely comfortable with their sexuality.

I did not have my camera with me, so imagine the ducks pictured here are very very gay men.

I moved from West Hollywood, a city that has a pride rainbow as part of it's flag, to Silverlake, where I live a few blocks from a gay bookstore. So I'm completely comfortable with seeing gay guys walking around. But what confused me is why, suddenly, on an otherwise sleepy Sunday morning, there were hundreds of them, roaming gangs of gay guys, strutting their fabulousness in every direction I could see.

Later, as I was driving away, I noticed a poster on a lamppost. It was an ad for the "2005 Los Angeles Leather Street Fair."

I'm glad to live in a city where even leather-loving homosexuals get their own fair. Now when is the 2005 Nerdy Tie-wearing Heterosexual Boy Street Fair?


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