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Saturday, March 26, 2005

The Fabulous Henderbonk 

Lauren Loves Ducks
Originally uploaded by opusmo.
Apparently, I'm about ten years too old and two limbs too mobile to make it in Hollywood.

My friend Lauren is a spirited, intelligent, movie-loving young lass who's already planning to take Hollywood by storm. (As pictured at right, she is in talks with a group of ducks to option their life story for two sacks of breadcrumbs and a pretzel.)

I met Lauren when I was working at the Starbright Foundation, a nonprofit that helps sick kids. Thursday night, she was a guest speaker at a fundraising dinner for Starbright.

Her charms know no bounds because as this article shows she has scored a friendship and future working relationship with none other than Steven Speilberg. With nothing more than a wheelchair and a wink, she's already catapulted past most aspiring filmmakers in this town.

So bravo to Lauren, I say! Hoorah and hooray! Move that wheelchair aside so I can start kissing your ass - you'll be running Hollywood before I know it.


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