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Thursday, April 21, 2005


Old Book
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I was walking by a non-profit place in Hollywood recently where they teach people to read. It's an important mission, and it's brave of people to finally seek out the help they need. But those teachers, perhaps, could learn a little bit of tact.

As I was walking, an african american guy was leaving the center with his kid. The guy had gold fronted teeth, a fancy tracksuit, and the confident swagger of somebody you don't really want to mess with. I couldn't help but think of the effort it took him to go in there and admit his faults. As he was walking away, the little baby in his arms was cooing and giggling.

"You know what?" yelled the well-meaning but tactless literacy teacher after him, in front of a street crowded with people, "He's happy because his daddy is learning to read!"

I hope that guy isn't too embarrassed to go back.


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