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Monday, April 11, 2005

Speedy Pinata 

Bring Me The Head Of Pinata
Originally uploaded by opusmo.
I am shocked to learn I didn't post this earlier. I'm a lazy, lazy man.

A couple of months back, the great folks at Tomorrow's Brightest Minds asked me to do a short film with them. These are uber-talented people, who have done music videos for Death Cab For Cutie and The Distillers and The Donnas and a bunch of other folks. They were given some money by a roof-rack company to make a short film, and asked me to play the lead.

It was a little daunting to show up at the meeting with a bunch of bigshot executives as the Tomorrow's Brightest Minds crew pitched their film. When it got to the topic of the script, director Boo simply said "We've hired a very talented improv performer who is going to come up with the material." It took me a minute to realize they meant me.

The actual shoot day was insane - an all-day ordeal of driving from place to place in a rented 1978 van. It immediately began leaking steering fluid, so turning that massive whale of a vehicle became a test of one's strength (or, in my case, lack thereof). Then at one point the driver's side window simply shattered when a P.A. slammed the door too hard. All the while, I was dressed in a cheap matador outfit - supposedly one-size-fits-all but I don't think that included lanky guys who are six foot four.

But through all this, I had a blast, babbling on about pinatas and making a kickass little film. I am only a small part of it - the folks at Tomorrow's Brightest Minds truly did all the hard work. I just drove the van. Please enjoy.

Watch Speedy Pinata Now! Okay!


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